Katie Caterpillar’s Final Adventures

Katie finished her adventures with visits to both Savannah’s and Jasmin’s houses.  While we were enjoying our holidays, Katie spun herself a chrysalis.  When we returned from our holidays, Katie was no longer a caterpillar – she was a beautiful butterfly!

Hairy Harrys

We are learning about how plants grow.  We are all making our own “Hairy Harrys”.  We put cress seeds into a stocking and added some soil to form a sphere big enough to make a face.  We placed this into a plastic cup that was partially filled with water.

We have predicted that the stocking will transport the water to the soil and make the seeds grow.  We will need to make sure that the ‘Harrys’ get some sunlight to help them grow.

Stay tuned to see if we have green thumbs!


We went swimming.  We learnt how to keep safe in the water.  We got very good with our strokes and floating.