Katie Caterpillar’s Final Adventures

Katie finished her adventures with visits to both Savannah’s and Jasmin’s houses.  While we were enjoying our holidays, Katie spun herself a chrysalis.  When we returned from our holidays, Katie was no longer a caterpillar – she was a beautiful butterfly!

Mini-beast Wildlife Visit

Today (26th August), my class and I had a visit from the Mini-beast Wildlife Centre.  There were spiders (tarantula, huntsman, redback), praying mantis, scorpions, beetles.  Some were venomous, dangerous and even deadly!!  The mini-beasts that were dangerous were in a jar.

My favourite mini-beasts were the snails.  I learnt that they are both male and female at the same time!  I didn’t want to touch the stick insect because it looked like it was going to bite me!

By Jasmin


We went swimming.  We learnt how to keep safe in the water.  We got very good with our strokes and floating.