Christmas Narrative by Bella

I woke up Christmas morning and I heard a whimper coming from the living room.  I started down the stairs but Mum and I could not see anything.  Mum and I went back to bed.  The noise made us angrier and angrier and angrier.  We had had enough!

We went down the stairs and saw Santa.  I said, “Santa, what are you doing in the chimney?  We’re sorry, let us help you get out.”  We asked Santa if he was alright but Santa was sick!  We gave him some medicine.

“The reindeer cannot fly withoutSanta!” I said.  “Maybe he is too warm.”  “Maybe he needs to be cold,” said Mum.

Santa guided us to the North Pole.  He said, “Thankyou for taking good care of me.”

It was the best Christmas ever.