Swimming – Lily

I am in red groups. At swimming my teacher is called Chris – he is funny. I do freestyle, diving,backstroke, jumping, topedo, pin-drop, doggy paddle and breathe and bubble.  I have been having fun at SWIMMING!!!20140717_101642

Swimming – Noah

Screenshot_2014-07-24-20-10-29At school we went swimming. I was in pink group. I did torpedo and pin-drop. We did go in the deep end. It was really deep! In the last session we had to dive deep to the bottom and pick up a soft brick. We went on a bus. When we came back to school we got to play outside.

Swimming – Sithuka

My favourite part about swimming is diving and backstroke. I’m in red group and I was the hot rod swimmer. At diving I did a
somersault dive.  At the end we changed our clothes, lined up, got back on the bus and went back to school.Screenshot_2014-07-24-19-37-57


Over the last two weeks we have been going to swimming. Inside it was massive but it was calm, peaceful and it was fun.
My teacher is amazing.  He helps us with the torpedo.
I do not want to get out when the lesson is finished.  Screenshot_2014-07-24-20-10-34It has been great fun.
My favourite part was going on the bus.

Spaghetti Towers

For our science unit, we are looking at reversible and irreversible change. Spaghetti is a great example of this – once spaghetti has been cooked, you can’t change it back!
We were given the challenge to use marshmallows and spaghetti to make towers. We decided to use the uncooked spaghetti as it was hard, stiff and straight. The uncooked spaghetti would not have been a good choice!
Everyone worked really well with their partner/s and came up with some excellent and well-thoughout designs – very impressive!
When our time was up, Leyla and Myles had made the tallest, free-standing tower. Congratulations to everyone on an awesome effort. I think we may have some structural engineers in the making. 🙂