Wilson Botanic Park

On Thursday 3rd April, we walked to Wilson Botanic Park.  While we were there we got to play in the playground and also climb to the top of the Hoo Hoo Lookout Tower.  It was a great view from up there.  We could see our school and some of us could even see our houses.  After that, we continued to walk around the beautiful gardens of the park and take in the surroundings.  We paused to perform a ‘silly show’ at the ampitheatre and then finally stopped to ‘refuel’ on a yummy picnic lunch.  It was lovely to be joined by many of our parents and younger siblings.  After lunch, we watched the ducks swimming in the lake and participated in some ‘turtle spotting’ as the little creatures came up for some air!

We had a quick game of “Duck, Duck, Goose’ and then started back on the journey back to Berwick Lodge.  We were exhausted when we got back but were so happy that we had had such a fantastic time together.  We are so lucky to have such a beautiful facility in our local neighborhood!

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