To acknowledge, and to help understand, the true meaning of ANZAC Day we made ANZAC biscuits.  We talked about why these biscuits might be good for the soldiers and how they could last in the harsh conditions.  We also learnt lots about measurement and how a recipe needs sequential steps to make it work.  We made a wreath out of poppies and had a minute’s silence.  We will always try to remember what has been sacrificed to make our country, Australia, what it is today.


When I Grow Up I Want To Be …

When I grow up, I want to be a dentist
Astronaut or mage apprentice.
I want to be a dancer, an artist, a king.
I’m hoping to stand on a stage and sing.
When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer,
Or have lead role in the play Tom Sawyer. I’ll be a comedian, and make people laugh!
Or the CEO with a thousand staff.
I’ll be a waitress, a teacher, a vet.
Snow White’s eighth dwarf that no one has met!
I might be a chef, or a scientist.
How about architect or alchemist?
When I grow up, I’ll be a song writer Or maybe your friendly, next-door firefighter.
I’ll be a technician or pharmacy worker,
A fashion designer or New York stock broker.
I’m gonna be everything, just you wait and see!
But I think in the end I’m just gonna be me.

(Written by Sonja Eliason)

Click on the photos to see what we think we might be!