Harmony Day

Friday the 21st of March was Harmony Day.  The message of Harmony Day was “We Belong” – regardless of any differences we may have.  We dressed up in either our National costume or in the colour orange.  We assembled on the basketball courts with our buddy grade and proudly watched some of our grade 6 students perform dances from other countries.  We were about to parade around for the crowd when a storm approached and the thunder, lightning and rain began.  This did not dampen our spirits though and we retreated indoors to undertake some hands-on and iPad activities with our buddies.  We had an awesome time together and proved that it doesen’t matter what age, nationality or gender you are – everyone belongs!Collage 2014-03-22 17_15_23 Collage 2014-03-22 16_13_53

National Ride to School Day

On Wednesday, it was National Ride to School Day.  Lots of people from our grade walked to school or parked the car a little further away and walked the for the rest of the journey.  Ally rode her bike to school while her mum ran along by her side.  Well done Mel!  Jessica’s mum parked at Jess’ Pop’s place and Jess rode her scooter from there.  Well done to her mum for walking all that way in her high heels!  Myles looked super cool riding his skateboard, and Dakoda made a stylish entry on her motorised scooter.  We were glad to see everyone was wearing their helmet to keep them safe.  Well done to everyone for making a great effort on the day!


Last Monday, we had our first robotics session with Miss Rapinett.  We learnt how to program the BeeBots and got them to follow basic paths.  We also practised our skills using the iPad app.  It was really fun but you had to concentrate – it’s not as easy as it looks!!  We can’t wait for our next session on Monday!

Maths is fun!

We love doing maths in 1C!! We really like predicting what might happen and then working together to solve problems. Who would’ve thought that maths could be so much fun!

Our Buddies

Our buddy grade is 5T. We meet with our buddies every fortnight. We get to do lots of fun activities together and even have picnic-style lunches together! We love our buddies!