Katie Caterpillar

Our class garden buddy is Katie Caterpillar.  She has had many adventures in our homes and gardens lately.  Why don’t you have a look at what she’s been up to!

In My Backyard

We used Tux Paint to depict our natural ‘backyards’.  We are going to use our knowledge to make PowerPoint presentations to share with the class.

Learning about capacity

Today we experimented with capacity.  Each group had a different task to complete.  Firstly, we had to estimate the number of ‘containerfuls’ of rice or water that it would take to fill the main container.  These containers ranged in all sorts of sizes and shapes.  We weren’t that good to start with but then we began to realise the comparative sizes of the containers and our estimates got much better.

Our teacher was really pleased with our ‘thinking’.  She was also so happy with how we got along together!  We worked as a team, took turns and did not argue once!

Go 2C!

Look at our cress seeds now!

Our cress seeds have really come on!  They have shot up – nice and tall.  We will be taking them home soon.  Some of us want to plant them in our gardens or plant them in a pot so we can use them when cooking.  Mmmmmmmmm – delicious and nutritious 🙂

Hairy Harrys continue to grow.

Our stockings were too strong for the gentle cress seeds, so we cut a hole at the top of the stocking to let the cress grow strongly.  This seems to have done the trick!

Hairy Harrys have started to grow!

Our Hairy Harrys have started to grow.  They have fine, white roots coming out of the bottom of the stocking!

Hairy Harrys

We are learning about how plants grow.  We are all making our own “Hairy Harrys”.  We put cress seeds into a stocking and added some soil to form a sphere big enough to make a face.  We placed this into a plastic cup that was partially filled with water.

We have predicted that the stocking will transport the water to the soil and make the seeds grow.  We will need to make sure that the ‘Harrys’ get some sunlight to help them grow.

Stay tuned to see if we have green thumbs!